Current Authors

Sarah Reitz:

Depression and the immune system
The Benefits of Gift-Giving
I Got it From my Mama: Maternal Microbes Support Brain Development of Her Offspring
Timing Is Everything
Aphasia as a Symptom of Autoimmune Encephalitis
A World Without Smell
Do No Harm
The Bilingual Brain
How does sleep affect the blood-brain barrier?
The World in Color
Going Under
The genetics behind short sleepers
Infantile amnesia: Why can’t we remember early childhood?
Manipulating Memories
Your Brain With A Migraine
Sleep It Off
The Laughing Brain
Fooling the brain into weight loss
Forget the turkey: the neuroscience behind the “food coma”
Putting the “high” in runner’s high
Brain boosts – how much do brain training games really work?
It’s getting hot in here: How your brain knows when you need to cool off
How does space flight affect the brain?
Tasting With Your Brain
A face is worth…205 neurons?
Synesthesia: A Tale of Two Senses
Get Some Z’s Please!

Nitsan Goldstein:

The neuroscience of skill
A circuit for social distance
A detailed look inside the human brain
Brain maps
The neurological exam
COVID-19 and the Brain: An Update
No pain… a lot to gain
Masters of Disguise
French Fries or Side Salad?
COVID-19 and the Brain
The Hope for A Cure
Artificial Sweeteners and the Brain
Making Memories
The link between smoking and diabetes
The Neuroscience of Dyslexia
The Voice Within
On the Hunt
Deep Brain Stimulation
Unconscious Vision
Wired to Respond
Brains in a Dish
The Numerical Brain
Epigenetics: what DNA won’t tell you
Inside the Brain of a Psychopath
To Eat or Not to Eat

Claudia Lopez-Lloreda:

Octopi feel pain like you and I
It’s all about balance: how the brain eliminates unwanted connections
An unexpected molecule helps mice walk again
Scary movies and haunted houses: understanding the fear and fun paradox
How a volcano turned a brain into glass
Psychedelics lead to long-lasting brain changes
It’s in the blood
Light at night may mess with your brain
Translating faces into emotion
Insulating your memories
How “little brains” may help us treat brain cancer
What happens when people are missing important parts of the brain?
Transforming cells to repair the brain
The protein that makes you feel pain
Why are Alzheimer’s disease drugs failing?
Yoga and the brain
The quest for emotion mirror neurons
A Gut Feeling

Greer Prettyman:

Your brain on a bender
Get a grip
Am I hearing things?
The neuroscience of narcolepsy
A Bug’s Life
Echo, Echo
Get a whiff of this
Active by default
Diagnosing Autoimmune Encephalitis
LSD on the brain
Stressed Out
Learning to Read the Mind
Sing me a song
That’s Too Real
Medical CBD
The scent of memory
I like it like that
I’ll have what she’s having
Stimulants in the brain
Resist the temptation
Curious about Curiosity
Neurofeedback: learning from your brain
Déjà vu? I’ve seen that before.
Ketamine: from street drug to depression cure?

Sara Taylor:

Memory suppression genes – team forgetful
Parenting across species
Creativity in the brain
Forgetting, remembering, and stress
When concussion symptoms stick around: the elusive post-concussion syndrome

Lindsay Ejoh:

Why does sex feel so good?
Stressing yourself sick: the impact of stress on the gut
The endogenous opioid system: your body’s natural pain reliever?
Tone-Deafness and the Brain

Catrina Hacker:

In sync: the neuroscience of successful communication
Do I know you?
Out with the old and in with the new? Navigating the explore-exploit tradeoff
How Spotify uses what we know about the brain to make music recommendations

Lisa Wooldridge:

A Calming Presence
Too hot to handle

Vanessa B. Sanchez:

Can we prevent memory loss?
Dissociative Amnesia?
Brain beats
Can intermittent fasting change how we age? 

Marissa Maroni:

Alzheimer’s Disease: what’s causing some of our neurons to die?
Brain fog and chronic fatigue syndrome
Can a high sugar diet change how you taste?
What causes our brains to forget?


Alumni Authors

Carolyn Keating:

Neurological complications of Lyme disease
Mapping the Brain
Healing in Nature
A Punch in the Gut
The “Immune” in Autoimmune Encephalitis: The Role of T and B Cells
Sleeping with one eye open
More than a bug bite
Defining Glioblastoma
When Your Brain is on Fire
The Dreaming Brain
“Zombie” Brains
Consciousness and Coma
Time flies when you’re having fun
Shocked into Strolling
A brain walks into a bar…
Baby on the Brain
Brain-Computer Interfaces
Ghost Sensations
The Double-Edged Sword of HIV Treatment
What’s in a Brain?
Clear Your Mind
Blitzing the Brain

Katerina Placek:

What if it’s not Alzheimer’s?
Does your dog love you?
Alzheimer’s disease – an immune system ‘glitch’?
Socioeconomic Status and the Brain

Barbara Terzic:

Your (Baby’s) Brain on Hurricanes
Sensory Overload
Genetic Disposition
Brain freeze: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Intelligent Invertebrates

Rebecca Somach:

Feeling Frosty
The Cells of Consciousness
A Wandering Mind
Go-karts, for science?
The Biased Brain
A Sense of Attraction
Alone, but not lonely
A Shocking Discovery
Buying on the Brain
Ride the Wave
The One and Only
Dying to Know: how do neurotoxins work?
Neuroethology: The wild side of neuroscience
Happy Mother’s Day!
Best of the Year 2018: Imaging in Behaving Animals
At Attention, Soldier!

Guest Authors

Yarden Wiesenfeld:

Sense from the Noise
These Circuits Were Made for Walking
The Dad-Baby Bond

Elizabeth Rivabem:

The Sound of Music Therapy: Harmony Between the Brain and its Memories

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