Lindsay Ejoh

Lindsay Ejoh graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Neuroscience in 2020, where she conducted a variety of research projects including the relationship between musical ability and second-language learning, protein aggregate formation in ALS, and disorders of the gut’s nervous system. Her primary research interests include pain neurobiology, and the gut-brain axis. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys singing, playing guitar and piano, and reading.

Catrina Hacker

Catrina is a Neuroscience PhD student in Dr. Nicole Rust’s lab at UPenn. She is broadly interested in the neural correlates of cognitive processes and is currently studying how we remember what we see. When she’s not in the lab she enjoys reading, playing the viola, and playing games with friends. You can read more about her work on her personal website:

Vanessa B. Sanchez

Vanessa is a Neuroscience PhD student in the lab of Dr. Naiara Akizu studying the roles of specific genes in childhood neurodegenerative disorders like cerebellar ataxias. When not in the lab, Vanessa loves to explore the city and nature, go to concerts and do yoga.

Marissa Maroni

Marissa is a Neuroscience PhD student in Erica Korb’s lab at Penn. She studies how epigenetic modifications in the brain impact neuronal function and how dysregulation of these modifications can lead to disease. Outside of the lab, she enjoys traveling, walking with her dog Linus, and caring for her plants.

Sophie Liebergall

Sophie is an MD-PhD student at Penn in the lab of Dr. Ethan Goldberg, where she studies the role of interneurons in neurodevelopmental disorders. In addition to neuroscience, she enjoys creative writing, ambitious projects in the kitchen, exploring the different Philly neighborhoods, and runs along the Schuylkill river.

Joe Stucynski

Joe is a 2nd year Neuroscience PhD student at Penn broadly interested in sleep and systems neuroscience. He has a particular interest in the neural mechanisms regulating transitions between sleep states and wakefulness. When not in lab he enjoys rock climbing, reading science fiction, and hanging out with his cat Lux.

Morgan Kindel

Morgan is a Neuroscience PhD student at UPenn. She is interested in how the brain responds to changes in the body and environment. Outside of research, Morgan enjoys being outdoors (especially hiking), yoga, and graphic design.

Margaret Gardner

Margaret is a first-year NGG student interested in using neuroimaging to study the basis of psychiatric disorders. She can often be found in coffee shops, listening to comedy/paranormal podcasts, or doting on her dog, Sasquatch. 

Kara McGaughey

Kara is a Neuroscience PhD student in Josh Gold’s lab at Penn. She studies how uncertainty and instability affect decision-making behavior and neural activity. Outside of research, Kara enjoys cooking with friends, yoga, and exploring with her dog, Mo.

Barnes Jannuzi

Barnes is a Neuroscience PhD student at Penn, studying in the lab of Dr. Nicole Rust. His work focuses on understanding how the brain remembers the things we have seen. In addition to his love for learning, Barnes enjoys spending his time at the climbing gym or at a game night. 

Hannah Deutsch

Hannah is a Neuroscience PhD student in the lab of Dr. Matthew Kayser. She studies how sleep circuitry and behavior develops. When not in the lab, you’ll find her reading, taking pictures, tap dancing, and traveling.

Omer Zeliger

Omer is a PhD student at Penn with a background in how the brain regulates social behavior and competition. Outside of lab, Omer enjoys gardening, sci-fi, and biking along the Schuylkill river.

Andrew Nguyen

Andrew is a first-year PhD student in NGG at Penn. He is broadly interested in circadian rhythms, sleep, the gut-brain axis, innate behaviors, neuroimmunology, and neurodegeneration. Beyond the lab, you can find him in the kitchen cooking, tending to his various plants, rollerblading and longboarding, and hanging out with his dog, Bruno. 

Stephen Wisser

Stephen is a first year neuroscience PhD student broadly interested in translational neuroscience with a focus on Alzheimer’s, communication between the gut and brain, and psychedelics.  After obtaining his BA in neuroscience from Hamilton College in 2020, he completed a postbac research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health.  When not in the lab, Stephen is likely outside engaging in various activities like hiking, skiing, and backpacking, or can be found brewing his next beer.

Lisa Wooldridge

Lisa Wooldridge is a Penn Neuroscience PhD student in the lab of Dr. Gregory Corder. Her work examines how opioid dependence interacts with the neural systems for pain. When she’s not in the lab, Lisa can be found singing early music with the Penn Collegium and the choir of St. Mary’s @ Penn, or spoiling her cat (Rosie) and her nieces (Scarlett and Ivy).


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